Priscilla Chan [陳慧嫻] – Discography [45 Albums] (1984-2014)

Title: Discography
Year Of Release: 1984-2014
Genre: Cantopop / Chinese pop Priscilla Chan [陳慧嫻] - Discography [45 Albums] (1984-2014)
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Priscilla Chan Wai-han (born July 28, 1965) is a Cantopop singer in Hong Kong.
Chan started her life as a professional singer when she was 18 in 1983. Her first song was titled “Forgotten Promise” (逝去的諾言), which is recorded in an album “Girl Magazine” (少女雜誌) that also featuring two other newcomers. The song propelled Chan’s career; thus, she released her own first album “The Feelings of a Story” (故事的感覺) in 1984. The next year, she released “Priscilla”, which included the hit “Flower Shop” (花店). In 1986, the album “Revolt” (反叛) had several classics and push Chan to new heights. Song included “Dancing Street” (跳舞街) (a version of Angie Gold’s “Eat You Up” but based production wise, on Yōko Oginome’s version, titled “Dancing Hero” (ダンシング・ヒーロー)), “Loving Accident” (痴情意外), “Love Me Once Again”, “Revolt” (反叛), and “Hugging with Tears” (與淚抱擁). Chan had a rough 1987, but she rebounded nicely in 1988 with the album 嫻情 1988, and the song “Silly Girl” (傻女, a Cantonese rework version of the Spanish song “La Loca” by María Conchita Alonso) that first confirmed her status as a serious contender in the golden age of Cantopop. “Silly Girl” was re-made into a disco-version by a newcomer in Hong Kong, Jill Vidal, in 2007.

Chan chose to retire in 1989 in order to pursue her degree in psychology at the Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, a promise to her parents that she kept. In her supposed-to-be last album, (永遠是你的朋友) “Always Be Your Friend”, the everlasting hit “Thousands of Songs” (千千闕歌) elevated her status in the legendary mega pop stars heavy industry including Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, Alan Tam, and Sally Yeh. This best-selling album of 1989 also recorded hits like “Night Flight” (夜機) and “Dancing Boy.”

During her academic career, she returned to Hong Kong and recorded three albums from 1992–1994 during the summer vacations. The song “Snowfall” (飄雪) was very popular for karaoke at the time; other hits included “Red Tea Shop” (紅茶館), which was voted among the Top 10 song of the Year in 1992, “Come Back!” (歸來吧!), and “Jealousy.” The album sales were surprisingly good despite the fact that she spent most of the time in the U.S. with minimum publicity.

By 1995, Chan has returned to the music industry in full force. Her initial return brought her back to the top of the pop chart with two albums: “Welcome Back” and “I’m Not Lonely” (我不寂寞). In fact, “Welcome Back” topped the sales chart for a modern record of six weeks. Songs like “It’s Always Raining Tonight” (今天夜裡總下雨), “Missing You” (留戀), “Missing Love and Dust” (戀戀風塵), “I’m Lonely” (我寂寞), and “Flow” (飄) became instant classic. Her 10-night series of concerts in 1996 reaffirmed her popularity with the public. Another concert in 1997 with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HKPO) in Hong Kong made her the second pop artist ever to work with the HKPO.

With the signing of a new recording company, Cinepoly, her fame started to decline. The death of her beloved cat, Remington, in 1998 marked the start of three-year period when she found life difficult as the new recording company wasn’t working well for her. In 2000, after the last album with Cinepoly named “Good For You” (為你好), she retreated from the music scene until 2003 when she made a come-back with an album named “Loving Knot” (情意結) and a series of concerts in Hong Kong. However, due to album sales that fell below her expectations she decided to retreat once more. She criticized the trend of Cantopop audiences, whom she believed was only interested in admiring the entertainers’ images and not appreciating their music. However, she has reiterated her desire to continue singing, as many loyal fans still remain around the world.

1984 – Girl’s Magazine
1984 – The Feelings of a Story
1986 – Revolt
1987 – Remix + Best Of
1987 – Transform
1988 – Priscilla’s Love
1988 – Silly Woman [Mandarin]
1988 – The Color of Autumn
1989 – Forever Friends
1989 – In Concert ’89 2CD
1991 – Get Up & Dance
1991 – The Best of Priscilla Chan
1992 – Come Back
1992 – Priscilla
1993 – 26 Golden Hits 2CD
1993 – Forever Priscilla
1993 – I’m Always on Your Side
1994 – Who Is My Lover Today
1995 – I Am Not Lonely
1995 – Welcome Back
1996 – In Concert ’96 2CD
1996 – Polygram 88 Compilation
1996 – Problematic Woman
1996 – Satisfy
1997 – Musical Encounters [Live]
1997 – My Heart Is About to Fly Away
1997 – Polygram 88 Compilation 2
1998 – In Love for 2000 Hours
1998 – Music Is Live
1999 – Face of Love
1999 – This Is Love
2000 – Good for You
2000 – Tiandie
2001 – Priscilla’s Time
2002 – Audiovisual King • Priscilla
2003 – Loving Knot
2005 – Hundred Flowers Blossom 3CD
2005 – True Classic
2007 – Priscilla Chan LPCD45
2008 – Living Out of Life II 2CD
2010 – Always Will Be Your • 24k Gold
2013 – 25th Anniversary 24k Gold [Limited Edition]
2014 – Back to Priscilla [Live] 2CD
2014 – Back to Priscilla 3CD
2014 – By Heart

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